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Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. designs and manufactures precision, lead-free bullets and ammunition for use by military and law enforcement agencies, domestic and international, who desire accurate performance from their marksmen and specialists. US Patents pending: GIDEON and SHARDZ.


Our ballistics are individually machined from quality, copper-alloy rod on a CNC lathe by precision machinists working in aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing. Quality Control assures every bullet is the same size, shape and weight. Quality Assurance and Precision Machining equals dependable performance.


Bullet Specifications:

• Annealed shoulders for consistency

• Ultra match projectile, High BC, low drag

• Any auto loader or bolt action rifle

• Custom load options for best performance

• High quality at an affordable price



  • Light armor piercing projectile, or ammunition, for target resolution requiring a Sabot Round or other specially engineered features.


  • Solid copper match bullet, or ammunition, in .308, .338, .375 and .510 caliber for long-range target resolution.

 Gideon KO/LD

  • Solid copper match bullet, or ammunition, in .338 caliber for glass and light armor penetration.


Ballistic Information

Ballistic Coefficient (BC) represents the bullet's ability to overcome air resistance in flight. Twist Rates: Minimum twist means the minimum barrel twist required for the bullet to be stable in flight. A 1:8 twist barrel is faster than a 1:9 twist barrel and will work fine for a minimum bullet twist of 1:9. For a minimum bullet twist of 1:9, a 1:10 twist barrel is too slow and will not work.



Range Test: .375-350 Gideon Bullet

Test Date: 30 June 2010

Test Location: Outdoor Range Arco, Idaho

Target Distance: 500 Yards

Shot Group: 2.711 inches


Live fire report - Download

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