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Third Eye Eye Cams For Secure Battlefield Communications

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Precision Engineered for Best Performance

When Seeing is Surviving the Third Eye Eye Cams capture video in real time, through the lens of any optic, and makes the video accessible on many applications. Third Eye Eye Cams are based on LightPath Technology

• Third Eye Eye Cams for optics with 1.25 inch eye relief 
• Third Eye Riflescope Eye Cams for optics with 3.5 inch eye relief
• Third Eye Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cams
• Third Eye Eye Cams for Night Vision Monocular
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Third Eye Eye Cams Offer the Following Benefits

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The Third Eye Eye Cam is especially designed to interface with existing video transmission systems. The Eye Cam captures video in analog format. It is converted to a digital or IP signal and PAL or NTSC format. The video transmission is in real time. A simple to use converter system makes the transmission dependable in difficult circumstances, day or night. 
Rust proof, water resistant, vibration tested for helicopter or hard transport, idiot proof.
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  • Third Eye system provides tamper-proof, court-admissible video documentation of everything seen through the optic by the viewer in real time.
  • High strength aluminum alloy housings 
  • Light weight 
  • Easy to install on any optic
  • Low light formats offer video capture through optics at dawn and dusk when it is difficult to see through standard optics, and utilizes Wide Dynamic Range for seeing in shadows.
  • Rifle Scope Eye Cam has a 45 degree swivel
    **Eye Cams are designed to interface with most optics.
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Third Eye Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cams

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Third Eye Night Vision Video Goggle (NVVG) Eye Cams are used in urban environments, for helicopter pilots, and any other application where a Night Vision Goggle is preferred. The NVVG is lighter weight than any of the Eye Cams, and provides the best image sharing with a night vision device.
Integrated Systems
NVVG on ANVIS 6-9 googles under starlight and corner outside street lamp. Inside, there is no additional light or infrared.
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