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About Us

About Hooker Tactical


Founder, Raymond Hooker, US Navy, Veteran World War II died at the age of 95 in 2013.
Founder, Violet Hooker, Civilian, Casualty Assistance and Personal Affairs, USAF, serving POW families, is currently 93 years old and is the Treasurer of the Corporation.
Founder, Col. George Hooker, US Army, Retired
Founder, Col. Lloyd Kendrick, Retired, USAF, Vietnam Veteran
Founder, Susan Hooker, President & CEO, Age 70 – Served the Product Development Team for 21 years
Founder, Diane Henry, Shareholder’s Representative, Age 73 –Served the Product Development Team
Founder, David M. Henry, Chief Engineer, Age 76 – Developed the Third Eye and OnX devices over a period of 21 years
Founder, Col. Steve McCool, Retired, USAF, Veteran Desert Storm-Served the Product Development Team for 7 years
Founder, Harold A. Hinkle, Veteran World War II, US Army, D-Day Survivor, served under George Patton, Died at age 92
Founder, Viola B. Hinkle, Civilian, US Air Force, Executive Assistant to the Commander of Flight Squadrons, Hill Air Force Base, Retired
Thomas Potter, Director, Veteran, Vietnam, US Navy, Communications
Mark Holzmer, Director, Veteran Submariner, US Navy

David M. Henry, Chief Engineer

Mr. Henry is the chief inventor, designer and new product development engineer for Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. During the 21 years of the light path team’s existence, he has been the constant. Mr. Henry has filed 2 important patents during the past 20 years. (1) The first patent approved for a true night vision innovation in 20 years and (2) a patent application for a level flight bullet design for armor piercing rounds. Though Mr. Henry’s first love is electro-optic engineering, he is capable of all forms of defense product innovation.
Mr. Henry earned his MS degree from Utah State University and was promptly hired by the US Government based on the excellence of his work at the University. Mr. Henry’s experience with manufacturing, manufacturing processes, and mechanical engineering demonstrates the depth of his capabilities.
Mr. Henry took the original eye cam technology, purchased at the turn of the century, and made significant design improvements to it in order to meet the high standards required for its use in the field. A recent improvement is the addition of a small wide dynamic range (WDR) board camera. The camera’s programmable functions were carefully selected to achieve the highest performance of an eye cam in the field.
Advancing technology and building practical electronic and electro-optic devices to assist mankind is what Mr. Henry enjoys doing the most. Over the years he has developed excellent skills and expertise to do this effectively. He has learned that working cooperatively with others is the best way to achieve excellent results.
He has the ability to correctly teach the processes of assembly and manufacture of eye cams as well as oversee the further research & development that will produce the selected eye cam innovations. Mr. Henry’s expertise and ability to teach and work well with others will facilitate the transfer of the eye-cam technology.

Our Key Strengths

Our key strengths includes the ability to specialty engineering solutions for real time video and audio capture that easily intergrates into most existing communications system quickly, and are easily manufactured using "zero" defect standards.

The ease of integration characteristic has created, or helped to create, the demand for Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. products. By integrating into existing communications systems, the old communication system is instantly upgraded. The ease of integrating new technology out of the box, renewing and updating the older technology to retain its usefulness, immediately, no matter the language of the end user, makes the Hooker Tactical Third Eye Eye Cam products completely essential for any communications toolkit.

The HTS Product Development Team

The original product development team and the primary owners of Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc., met 21 years ago, in 1995, and have stayed together for over two decades developing products for community safety & defense. This team met after retiring from corporate America and US Government service and agreed to work together to develop light path technology into useful products for military, law enforcement and civilian safety. 

The product development team, under the direction of David Henry, focused on the research & development of products utilizing light and together created patents, patent applications, trade secrets, resulting in the creation of successful light path products marketed to military and law enforcement worldwide. 

David Henry is now the Chairman of the HTS Board of Directors, and the HTS Chief Engineer and Master Electrical Engineer. Mr. Henry has over 45 years of experience in communications technology; Susan Hooker is the President & Chief Executive Officer specializing in business and marketing, having 40 years of experience; and Diane Henry, Assistant Secretary to the Corporation and the Shareholder Representative actively supporting the team for 21 years while rearing 10 children.

Members of the HTS Board of Directors include Mark Holzmer, Director. Mr. Holzmer graduated from Annapolis and served his country as a submariner with distinction and honor. Mr. Thomas Potter is another Director with years of experience maintaining jet aircraft and serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War as a Communications seaman. The pairing of these two men provides the strength of leadership absolutely essential to the growth projected over the next 3 years. Without strong leadership the projected growth could sink the corporate ship rather than make it the market leader and innovative competitor desired.
  • All products manufactured under the Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. label are US products. The Idaho Falls manufacturing site is designed for 13 to 21 employees that are well trained in electro-optic manufacturing.  
  • There are 25 employees at ScopusTech in Israel that will also manufacture the Hooker Tactical Third Eye Eye Cams for domestic and international military and law enforcement.
  • The joint research & development projects planned will assure excellent new products each year going forward, and based on the amazing light path technology.
The Hooker Tactical Third Eye equipment integrates with most battlefield communications from standard radios with software defined capabilities to any computer, Toughbook, tablet, smartphone, and/specialized wireless applications. It is becoming the integration standard for real time video capture.

Light-Path Technology Defined

Survival on the battlefield and in high crime areas of a community requires knowing where the enemy is and what he is doing. This essential intelligence must come from every available trusted source. Surveillance and reconnaissance systems used to gather the required intelligence must be of the highest caliber. Surveillance and reconnaissance systems must be designed to capture all available intelligence from a desired target. While it may seem that a simple device, like a camera, will do the job, there are many factors to consider. The system must not only gather intelligence from the lighted areas but also intelligence from the shadows and dark areas. It is a fact of life that the enemy will always try to hide or camouflage what they are doing. The most desired intelligence is usually in the shadows or disguised in some manner. 
LightPath Technology

Our Vision: Community Safety & Defense

Our Mission:
To become a leader in serving our military and law enforcement customers and helping them with training and equipment to be successful in their efforts to secure our communities with peace and safety worldwide.
About Our Location:
Our facilities are located in the high plateau of Southeastern Idaho. The surrounding arid desert gives way to rugged, snow-covered mountains rising sharply from the valley floor. Summers are hot and dry during the day with cool, windy nights. It is cold and desolate in the winter with deep snowfall and temperatures reaching 30 below. The rugged terrain features and extreme conditions provide an excellent training area for military and law-enforcement personnel. The sparse population of the region provides additional benefits to training and testing beyond the terrain features. Night operations and night-vision testing are not hindered by excessive ambient light. Long-range ballistic testing can be done with no threat to the safety of local residents.
Why Idaho?
We chose to settle in this area to be able to better perform our business. The many types of rugged terrain make it a wonderful area for military and law-enforcement training. Idaho is a great place to bring up your family with good values and a happy future. We are grateful to live and work in such a beautiful state.

When Seeing is Surviving ™

The Hooker Tactical light path products are the most brilliant products in the C4IRS and EO marketplace. Our customers are proof of this statement.
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