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GIDEON Copper Match Bullets & AMMUNITION

  • Precision machined copper bullet
  • Long Range
  • High Ballistic Coefficient
  • Low Drag
  • Level Flight
  • Demanding performance
  • Surgical precision
  • Critical target resolution
  • Consistently accurate
  • For Marksman
  • HTB.308 - 170 ML
  • HTB.338 - 250 MLLapua
  • HTB.338 - 270 MLLapua
  • HTB.510- 705 ML
  • HTB.510- 773 ML
For auto loader and bolt action rifles
  • For Specialists
  • HTB.308 - 150 LAPL Light Armor Piercing
  • HTB.308 - 168 GPL Glass Penetrator
  • HTB.338 - 250 GPL Glass Penetrator
  • HTB.224 - 51 LAPL Steel Tip Light Armor Per.
  • HTB.338 - 270 AP Composite Tip Armor Per.
US Patents Pending
  • Match Ammunition
  • Sealed Primer to keep moisture out
  • Annealed shoulders for consistency
  • Ultra match projectile, High BC, low drag
  • Custom load for best performance
  • New Lapua Brass and Primers where designated
  • New Brass in all other products
  • US Precision Manufactured by Specialists
Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. designs and manufactures precision lead-free bullets and ammunition for use by military and law enforcement agencies, domestic and international, who desire accurate performance from their marksmen and specialists. US Patents Pending: Gideon and Shardz.

HTBallistic bullets are individually machined on a CNC Lathe by precision machinists working in aerospace and medical equipment manufacturing. Quality Control assures every bullet is the same size, shape, and weight. The Quality Assurance and Precision Machining equals dependable performance.
Match format – Armor Piercing – Glass Penetrators – Long Range Target Resolution
SHARDZ is a projectile, or ammunition, for target resolution requiring a Sabot Round or other specialty engineering features
–US Patent Pending

GIDEON is a copper match bullet, or ammunition, in .224, .308; .338, .375, and .510 caliber for long-range target resolution. – US Patents Pending

GIDEON BO/LD is a copper match bullet, or ammunition, in .224 - .308 caliber for short-range tactical use when collateral damage may be an issue. – US Patents Pending

GIDEON KO/LD is a copper match bullet, or ammunition, in .224 - .338 caliber for glass and light armor penetration. – US Patents Pending
The GIDEON Copper Match Ammunition is used by US and international military and law enforcement.
Hooker Tactical Ammunition Evaluation & Range Data:
GIDEON .308-170gr Match Copper Ammunition
C.O.A.L: 2.822 Elevation: 5,450 ft
Temperature: 52 Degrees Wind Speed: 2 mph
Distance to Target: 100 Yards Velocity: 2620 fps
Group Size: .63 MOA average
Group Size at 400 yards: .75 MOA average
The Hooker Tactical copper alloy bullet is the reason GIDEON Copper Match Ammunition is the premier specialist ammunition. The ammunition performs because the bullet design is stable, efficient in flight and low drag. It is designed for target resolution. NO LEAD is used in the bullets.
Bullet designs are US Patents Pending or US Patents Applied For.

Basic Copper Bullet Specifications

  • The best components and the most precise aerospace machining produce the best bullets at “zero tolerance”.
  • Custom made Copper Bullet, correct powder selection, dependable primers, new brass and expert load workups make the GIDEON specialist ammunition indispensable
  • Muzzle exit velocity and long range sustained projectile speeds are critical.
  • Technical data provided upon receipt of proper US citizen identification, an end user statement that may be used to verify the end user as acceptable for the receipt of this data by the US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.
Information and specifications stated herein are subject to change. Products illustrated are proprietary and protected by patents, patents pending, copyrights, and international agreements and may be subject to defense export restrictions imposed by the US Department of State.
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