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LightPath Technology

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LightPath Technologies

Definition of LightPath: A section of an optical network in which light travels without being modified. Therefore, light traveling along a designated path cannot be modified and the resulting images may be trusted implicitly. How light is managed requires an understanding of the technical aspects of light traveling through mediums, such as lenses and liquids and atmosphere.

Why Is "Light" and Controlling a "LightPath" So Important to Perfect Communications, Transportation, Education, and Safety and Defense?
 First, you must understand what Light is capable of doing. You learn that light is the notebook of the Universe, the perfect recorder of past, present, and future. It is the rule book. It manages the order of the worlds, and the growth of living things. In it resides the truth. To capture the light and read its messages is the surest means of knowing what is true.

Real-Time Communication Products for 
Police and Military

With Third Eye Eye Cams from Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc., you can see what is happening in "real time." All our products are manufactured in the USA, and our equipment is built strong to stand up to the toughest use and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Instant Video Playback and a Variety of Accessories for Specialized Use

Third Eye Eye Cams capture video signal to deliver to a  DVR unit for immediate playback by the instructor to critique in real time. This makes it perfect for sniper training, surveillance, reconnaissance, and recording tamper-proof evidence. With our Eye Cam accessories, the military and law enforcement special teams will enjoy even more versatility for gathering evidence and surveillance. You can also attach our Eye Cams to:
  • Robotics and firearm platforms
  • Armored car platforms
  • Helicopter platforms
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