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Eye Cams

Rifle scope

Rugged Equipment Built for Your Toughest Tasks

The Third Eye Eye Cam from Hooker Tactical Safety & Defense Equipment, Inc. is a simple and dependable solution to keep an eye on the field. They weigh four ounces and can record digital video for instant viewing and playback for eight continuous hours. Additional battery backup is available. 

All our Third Eye products come with a 2-year unconditional warranty for replacement and repairs, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have had no defects in the field with our products for decades.
Target Shoot

Third Eye Spotting Scope Eye Cams

The video signal may be recorded and simultaneously transmitted to a remote location for Command Review during the operation, and may be recorded for review after the operation is completed. There is a watermark and date stamp for tamper-proof results.
The Video Signal from the Third Eye Eye Cam is analog. The power source provided in the Eye Cam kit has the ability to deliver digital video to a transmission system that may include software defined radios, professional military DVRs, Toughbooks and field computers. These are options for the Third Eye Eye Cam kit.
The Third Eye Eye Cam signal is compatible with most communications systems. The signal is easily converted with a Hooker Tactical device or a Harris Corp Tactical Video Processor or a Domo Tactical (formerly Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance) systems device that may include COFDM and COFDM Mesh.

Third Eye Riflescope Eye Cams Specifications

  • Weighs 14 ounces
  • Fits over the end of the eyepiece of any riflescope (Universal adapter available)
  • No change in point of aim or point of impact
  • User sees what is seen through the scope
  • 30mm beam splitter for full field view
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Shockproof for high-caliber applications
  • Built to be used in difficult situations, climates, and environments
  • Can be deployed from helicopters or small aircrafts

Third Eye Night Vision Eye Cams (NVVG)

Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cams enable both ground and air forces to record what they see as they go about their missions. Weighing in at a mere 4-6 oz., they are small and lightweight. So small, in fact, they do not fatigue the user by adding significant weight or bulk. The ability to simultaneously transmit and/or record the entire mission gives command unprecedented situational awareness, and is priceless when photographic / video graphic evidence is necessary. It also allows a soldier to review what happened, and thus helps give a more accurate account in their after action report.

With a decade of development behind it, the Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cam will update and augment the ability of every single soldier and vehicle being used in night time operations today.
Another option is the OnX3, a Third Eye Low Lux Eye Cam and a night vision monocular

Wide Dynamic Range Third Eye Eye Cam

As always, our team is working to develop, manufacture and deliver the best technology to assist with your community safety and to provide safe passage from a dangerous situation.

If you have one of our Eye Cams and would like to get the benefits of the new camera, please contact us and we can discuss a special purchase for the newest version.

This is the new version of our Third Eye Eye Cam with some exciting new features. These new features include:
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Allows the camera to correct for back lighting behind the target.
  • Sense Up: Camera automatically switches from high resolution color images to low lux black and white images when the ambient light drops below a certain light (0.08 lux). The camera can be locked to either setting (color or low lux) prior to assembly.
  • Enhance Color Pallet: Better definition of colors on the receiving end of the transmission or recording.
  • Digital Zoom: One to three times image zoom, a fixed setting determined prior to assembly.
  • Automatic Lens Defogger: Automatically removes fog from the camera lens only.
  • Digital Noise Reduction: Reduces the amount of pixilation on the recording or transmission when in low lux viewing.
The Third Eye Eye Cam is designed to give the clearest and most dependable real time video signal at the greatest distance, to ensure the user has the most protection and the best target acquisition at distance.

When Seeing is Surviving ™

The Third Eye Eye Cam was developed as products for military and law enforcement. It has excelled in these fields, proving itself in the USA and internationally.

The concept was born on the live-fire shooting range with the need to train snipers in the military. Its use on the range was able to show both the trainer and the trainee to overcome such common shooter habits as flinching and breath control. The system fast expanded into the areas of live remote command control, positive target recognition, surveillance, evidence gathering and event recording.

The non-civilian versions have proven their ability to withstand the rigors of both live fire military exercises and serious battle.

Third Eye Eye Cam Systems allow the user to share his/her eye view of any given situation via a hard-wired or wireless video link, and/or record what they see for later review and evaluation.

Each Eye Cam can securely record and transmit valuable information in real time, in black and white or color, day or night. Third Eye Eye Cam products are designed to be compatible with most existing professional optics from spotting scopes to rifle scopes, night vision to surveillance optics. Eye Cams mount on the eyepiece of almost any optic. The design and construction is such that it does not interfere with the user's normal vision through the optic.

Each Eye Cam has a beam splitter specifically manufactured to give full spectrum light and true color, for all occasions when positive identification is an issue.

Eye Cams are the lightest way to safely direct field operations to attain the best results the least deadly exposure.

Every Third Eye Eye Cam product can be used with any commonly used stationary desktop, portable laptop, ruggedized or standard computer, or DVR.
NVVG on ANVIS 6-9 googles under starlight and corner outside street lamp. Inside, there is no additional light or infrared.
Day / Night Binocular; Night Vision Monocular; and OnX3 Night vision devices, using Third Eye Eye Cams, provide real time video for battlefield command. These Eye Cams send signal in analog through COFDM transmitters and receivers, while recording to rugged DVRs for tamper proof intelligence, simultaneously, processing to software defined radios. The Eye Cams are equipped with sensors that turn from day operation to low lux night capability automatically. Capability includes Wide Dynamic Range for seeing what is hiding in the shadows. Xit2 Defender is the new Hooker Tactical communications system that creates a local area network. This additional capability provides the protection our soldiers deserve when communicating in any situation.
When the Operation is over, the Third Eye Eye Cams provide recorded evidence of target resolution and immediate updates for Situational Awareness. There are no concerns about Eye Cams reliability, as the Eye Cam easily integrates into existing video transfer systems.
Completely transparent to the user, the Eye Cam is the lightest equipment to carry and has the most important story to tell when the team returns.
Training sharp shooters and snipers is completed in a short time using Third Eye Riflescope Eye Cams. The Riflescope Eye Cam goes into battle with the sniper and confirms targets, provides immediate identification for distribution, in real time, to the rest of the team. Riflescope Eye Cams supply the field commander with visuals from the entire crew while the operation is in progress, through the lens of each of his Snipers and Spotters.
Training, in any language, in any part of the world, is easier when Eye Cams are used to train with real time video of the trainee’s performance. A picture is worth a thousand good words of critique, and easily helps identify mistakes as the trainee sees himself perform and makes his own corrections in half the time normally allocated for this purpose. Excellence with ease in any language.
Riflescope and Spotting Scope Eye Cams are being used for training and to provide video capture for integrated communication systems to provide video in real time for command decisions, real time surveillance, and situational awareness from forward deployed teams. The Third Eye Eye Cam is an essential enhancement to critical forward position protection.

Benefits of Third Eye Eye Cams

  • The Third Eye Eye Cam is an optical device that allows the user to share their real time view in any situation; the video images can be transmitted via video link or recorded directly to a portable recording device.
  • The unique design of the Third Eye Eye Cam will not interfere with the operation of the rifle scope, spotting scope, or night vision device.
  • Third Eye Eye Cam products are designed to be compatible with most existing professional optics from spotting scopes to rifle scopes, night vision to surveillance optics, and are ideal tools for all branches of police and military.
  • The Third Eye Eye Cam mounts on the eyepiece of almost any optic. The design and construction is such that it does not interfere with the user’s normal vision through the optic and does not interfere with the performance of the optic.
  • Composite video from Eye Cams meets worldwide standards and interfaces easily with standard video recorders and video transmitters.
  • Transmitted video from Eye Cams can be encrypted.
Wide dynamic range (WDR) relates to the attribute of a qualifying imaging sensor to record greater scene details, in particular details within both shadow and highlight areas.

WDR is a desirable attribute in videography, photography and other digital image capture systems. Third Eye color systems make full use of WDR technology to achieve outstanding results.
The Leupold Spotting Scope Eye Cam has a unique clamp that make the spotting scope easily placed on the any Leupold Spotting scope, and easily removed. This clamp has proven itself in the sand of Iraq and the variations of temperature in Afghanistan.
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