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Tactical equipment

Record and Share Real-Time Video

Providing video monitoring and playback simultaneously for multiple teams requires a reliable and rugged system that can stand up to any environment. With our Snipe Management System, the field commander or main command posts can see everything in the field, as well as transmit those signals to other recording devices and smartphones. 

We also provide a professional military DVR recorder in a backpack for continuous recording of your team's activities and instant playback capabilities. Ask us about our leasing options by calling us today at 208-716-8728.
Target Identification

Sniper Management and Surveillance Systems

When Seeing is Surviving™ the Third Eye Eye Cam captures video in real time and makes it accessible for many applications.
  • Rifle Scope Eye Cams
  • Spotting Scope Eye Cams
  • Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cams
  • Binocular Eye Cams
  • Analog video capture for tamperproof “legal” evidence in a court of law, including watermark and time stamp
  • Digital video conversion - DVR recording capability and Toughbook recording and data transfer
  • IP video conversion for transmission to smart phones, iPhones, tablets and iPads
  • Tactical video processing for software defined radio transmission
If you can “see” the target through your optic, the Third Eye Eye Cam will capture the “image” in real time video. The Third Eye Eye Cam supports video capture, recording, and transmission while integrating seamlessly with current communication systems.
The Third Eye Eye Cam is the very best training tool for sharp shooters and snipers, creating video of the trainees’ performance as visual proof of his actions; a video image that encourages the trainee to change quickly and to conform to expected performance levels.

Riflescope Eye Cams are simple to use and dependable. The Eye Cam is on when engaged and may record for 8 hours continuous. An additional power capability is provided for backup. Eye Cams have a 2-year warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Eye Cam fits over the eye piece end of the riflescope. There is a Universal adapter to make the Eye Cam fit any size riflescope optic, and there are special adapters for unusual applications.
  • There is no change in point of aim or point of impact
  • The user sees exactly what is seen
  • The 30mm beamsplitter assures full field of view
  • The device is rugged, water and dust proof, and shock proof for high caliber applications
  • The manufacturing, especially the machining, is elegantly presented
  • This device is built to be used in difficult situations, varying climates and environments, and when deploying from helicopters and small aircraft
The Third Eye Eye Cam will become the most dependable device in your surveillance and sniper tool kit. The “spotter” uses a Spotting Scope Eye Cam.

The video signal may be recorded and simultaneously transmitted to a remote location for Command Review during the operation, and may be recorded for review after the operation is completed. There is a watermark and date stamp for tamper-proof results.

The Video Signal from the Third Eye Eye Cam is analog. The power source provided in the Eye Cam kit may have the ability to deliver digital video to a transmission system that may include software defined radios, professional military DVRs, Toughbooks and field computers. These are options for the Third Eye Eye Cam kit.

The Third Eye Eye Cam signal is compatible with most communications systems. The signal is easily converted with a Hooker Tactical device or a Harris Corp Tactical Video Processor or a Cobham Tactical Communications systems device that may include COFDM and COFDM Mesh systems.

Third Eye Eye Cams provide full spectrum color and black and white images, Wide Dynamic Range, “sense-up” capability for automatic transition from full daylight to night time low lux requirement.  

Carry your Eye Cams with your choice of recording, transmitting, and receiving system into the field, with confidence, in a Hooker Tactical custom designed military grade backpack that is combat ready, light weight and weather resistant.
  • The custom backpack includes shielded access ports for power and video cables
  • There is a dual color coded cable system, or you may select a single cable connector for power and video combined
  • Eye Cams and accessories are small, lightweight and easily carried and used 
You have a choice of silent velcro, zippers or snaps. All pouches may be removed for wearing on personal vest or for use in existing backpack systems. Backpack is constructed to permit the pouches to be arranged for the user’s convenience.
  • Third Eye Eye Cams weigh about 4 ounces
  • Riflescope Eye Cams weigh about 14 ounces
  • Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cams are so light, they are not noticed when used with flip up night vision goggles, less than an ounce
  • AUDIO and VIDEO may be requested for use with Eye Cams
Sniper Management System
The pictured equipment will be present in the Backpack used by the Sniper and the back pack used by the Spotter. The Field Command Backpack may be configured to include additional transmission and receiving equipment. The Backpack equipment is designed to meet the needs of the sniper or surveillance team, and the command & control personnel.

The total system works with your existing Software Defined Harris Radios, DTC communications equipment, professional law enforcement DVRs and Toughbook laptops, and/or any other major field military communications system.

Third Eye Eye Cams are designed to integrate your communications equipment to perform successfully for delivering real time video to your team. Your team may use this video information for the purpose of making more informed decisions, for the purpose of increasing training capabilities, and for providing tamper proof information for presentation in a court of law.
Night vision eye cam
Pictured: Night Vision Eye Cam for spotting scope; Night Vision Video Goggle Eye Cam for aviator or for ground goggles; Riflescope Eye Cam attached to a military grade riflescope
Note: This schematic demonstrates equipment parts that may be used in a system. The Lithium Ion Battery Pack is not used in some countries or approved for use for some military and law enforcement. The battery packs provided equal the military specification the customer provides, managing 9-12 volt requirements. COFDM is an option for Line of Sight transmitting and receiving systems. COFDM and COFDM Mesh systems are manufactured by Avalon RF, Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance, and an alternative is managed by Harris Corporation using software defined radios and technology for non-line of sight transmissions. Please ask our engineers about the option that will service your customer’s needs best. Solutions are available.
Sharing real-time video may occur within a 2 or 4 man team, or the system may provide video for many teams, simultaneously, transmitting video to a field commander and/or a Main Command Post, with signal sent to various Smart Phones and recording devices as designated by the field command.

There is a Professional Military DVR recorder in the backpack for continuous recording of the team’s surveillance activities or target resolution assignment.

The key to true real time video is the Beamsplitter.  

Real time video is shared with as many receivers as required by “splitting” the Light Path and “sharing” the video image.

The video image transmitted is exactly the same image seen by the user through the optic in “real” real time; all persons sharing the image are seeing exactly what the user is “seeing”, in real time.

When you want reliable performance, the Eye Cam offers leading edge technology and rugged durability that stands above the rest.

The Eye Cam is suitable for robotics such as firearm platforms attached to armored car platforms or helicopter platforms; and is also suitable for avionics.
DVR Eye cam
Pictured are the DVR, the Eye Cam “on/off” Remote Control, and the video processor. The video processor changes the analog signal to digital to be recorded by the DVR. The digital signal is stored for playback, and immediately displayed for the Instructor to critique in real time. The small attachments pictured are stored in the pockets of the backpack. The combination of these attachments, and the Eye Cam, make it possible for successful Sniper Training, for accurate recorded and/or transmitted surveillance; accurate real time tracking of a target with confirmed identification, and recording tamper proof evidence.
The various Eye Cams, and the accessory adapters, make the Eye Cam kits the most versatile training, surveillance and evidence gathering accessory available to military and law enforcement special teams.

Riflescope Eye Cam

Benefits for the Sniper and the Trainer

  • Sighting through the lens–the Trainer and the Sniper see the crosshairs simultaneously
  • No change in point of aim or point of impact
  • You “see” the actual image and share that image with a selected receiver or recorder
  • Real-time video of the same image you are seeing can be viewed and recorded or transmitted
  • Send or record in analog, digital and/or IP
  • The Beam Splitter, and LightPath Technology, make the Eye Cam the most accurate video “camera” available for “real time” video viewing, recording, transmitting
  • The Eye Cam is available in NTSC or CCIR/PAL format
  • High Definition CMOS cameras are available for special applications
  • The Leupold adapter for Leupold Tactical rifle scopes is shown in this photo
  • Various adapters make the Riflescope Eye Cam capable of fitting the rifle scope of your choice, snuggly
  • Two adapter sleeves are delivered with each rifle scope Eye Cam
  • An adapter for tactical Leupold rifle scopes
  • An adapter for tactical Schmidt and Bender scopes
  • An adapter for tactical Nightforce scopes is now available
  • An adapter for tactical Hensholdt scopes is available
  • The accessories to all Eye Cams are designed for simple use, long-term strength and integrity of operation
  • There are adapters for specialty design requirements
  • The device is as rugged as it looks and is made specifically for combat and field operations
  • The unit weighs just under 14 ounces and is designed to fit on optics for all caliber weapons including .50 caliber
  • The Riflescope Eye Cam has been field tested and used successfully by US Military, and Foreign Military, since 2007
  • The Riflescope Eye Cam is a “zero defect” product and is trusted for use on robotics
  • All Eye Cams available with single connector, or dual connectors, for power and video
The Sniper and Trainer, working together, with the Riflescope Eye Cam attached to the eye piece end of the sniper’s rifles cope, reduces training time in half, and increases accuracy in the field.
  • The Sniper takes aim and fires
  • The Trainer watches the target and the Sniper by viewing the target image at the same time the Sniper sees it, on the DVR provided in the backpack kit
  • The DVR also records the shot for reference at the next training session
  • The Sniper and Trainer may review the shot history at any time during training to compare for improvement and technique management
The Sniper uses the remote control to turn the DVR recorder/viewer “on” and “off”. The Trainer watches the Sniper on the DVR viewer screen and critiques his technique.

The Sniper and Trainer playback the Sniper’s performance and make suggestions for changes. After reviewing the target resolution together, the process is repeated until the Sniper has made the proper corrections. 

When the Sniper fires, the Trainer will “see” what the sniper is doing when shooting, and most important, may playback the activity for the Sniper.

The sensitivity of the Eye Cam includes the ballistic path. Almost immediately, the Student becomes an expert.

If you add a Spotting Scope Eye Cam for use by an additional team member, you may use the same recording and viewing DVR equipment. The Trainer, or Field Commander, may download to a Toughbook laptop for viewing of multiple video input. Or you may select a different Tactical Video Processor to support transmission, receiving and recording of “real time” video data using digital or Internet Protocol to Smart Phones, iPads, and iPhones.

The Rifle Scope Eye Cams will receive data. The customer pays for specialty engineering that permits the Eye Cam to display, red, green and yellow LED signals for “Hold”, “Go”, or “Record” remote commands. This capability increases the cost.

The Eye Cam in this photo, is attached to a Tactical Video Processor manufactured by Harris Corporation, for use with their Software Defined Harris Field Radios.

The Harris Tactical Processor gives you the option to set up a “network” of personnel in the field, who have a “need to know” certain information from a certain group of operatives, in “real time”. Using the Tactical Video Processor to create an IP (Internet Protocol) signal for transmission to hand held SDRs (Software Defined Radios) or to Smart Phones, iPads or iPhones makes the system extremely versatile.

Below image is an example of the equipment necessary to transmit, receive and record video data using the Harris Tactical Video Processor. 

The Harris equipment is small, light weight, field tested and easy to use in combination with Harris Software Defined Radios and include encrypting capabilities.

Other similar equipment from other manufacturers is compatible with the Eye Cams.
The Toughbook laptop and the Spotting Scope Eye Cam attached to a Leupold spotting scope, and a Harris Tactical Video Processor, in actual use, is pictured above.

The Third Eye Sniper Management System is easily adapted for use with existing inventories of communications equipment. The Eye Cam systems are easily adapted for the size of teams, to include additional surveillance personnel, to bring all video data, in real time, to a command post or field commander simultaneously, whether the requirements are analog, digital or Internet Protocol, or a combination of these requirements.  

The Third Eye Eye Cams are adaptable and integrate smoothly to produce a positive capability out of the box. The equipment is simple to use, rugged, water resistant and impervious to weather changes.

The connector options, and the cabling system options, are easy to customize to the current needs of the team. No one anticipated the training uses would be so beneficial and so simple to apply, never interrupting current training processes, but adding to the training program effectiveness.

Specialty engineering is available upon request. Demonstrations at your site are also available upon request.

The results of using Eye Cams include:
Continuous training application improvements
Continuous evolving field applications
Expanding and versatile communications capability
Lower obsolete options
Higher target success rates
Improved safety management results
Long Range Target Resolution is now more than a hoped for alternative to exposing teams to unnecessary threat.

COFDM Tactical Video Processors, cables, connectors, transmitters and receiver pricing will depend upon the configuration of the COFDM Sniper Management System required.  

Estimated pricing is available upon request for specialized configurations.

HTS Back Packs

The Hooker Tactical Military grade Backpacks are designed for use with Eye Cams, with additional accessories and pouches available upon request, when the Backpack is designed to meet additional customer’s requirements.

It is suggested that each user, the Sniper, the Spotter, the Surveillance personnel and the Field Commander have their own Backpack, or a vest, that will hold the pouches with the equipment required.

An entire, fully-loaded Backpack, with 4 assorted Eye Cams with adapters, an Ion Battery supply, DVR Recorder/Viewer, Transmitter, Receiver, antennae, and Tactical Video Processor weighs less than 15 pounds.

Eye Cam Kits

Eye Cam Kits come with 9-volt battery packs for 4 hours of continuous use off of two 9-volt batteries.  

The 9-volt battery packs are water tight and shock resistant. Ion Battery supplies are available for 8 hours of continuous use at an additional cost. Ion Battery packs are rechargeable. Other power options are also available and the Eye Cam is adaptable for use with available AC power. 

All hazmat regulations apply.

Communications Equipment

  • Tactical video processing equipment
  • Transmitting equipment
  • Professional DVR recorder and viewer
  • Receiver equipment
  • Antennae
  • Ion battery packs, rechargeable
  • Cables and connectors

Color Eye Cam Specifications

Spec Item High Resolution Color Eye Cam
  • Sensor 1/3" SONY 1.3 Mega Pixels Exmor Sensor
  • Image Sensor: Total Pixels 1312 (H) x 1069 (V) approx. 1.40 Mega Pixels
  • Image Sensor: Effective
  • Pixels 1305 (H) x 1049 (V) approx. 1.37 Mega Pixels
  • Sync . System Internal
  • Resolution 800 TV lines
  • Video output 1Vp-p,75ohm (Unbalanced), VBS
  • Minimum illumination 0.08 lux. F1.2
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 120 dB
  • Signal to Noise 52 dB (AGC OFF)
  • Electronic Shutter PAL: 1/50~1/100000 sec, NTSC: 1/60~1/100000 sec
  • Gain control AGC On/Off (default = On)
  • Mirror image function On for Spotting Scope Eye Cams, Off for Riflescope Eye Cams
Riflescope Eye Cams
  • Power Supply DC+12V ~ 18V+/-15%
  • Power consumption Less than 2 watts @ 12 volts
  • Operating Temperature -10C ~ +60C
  • Lens 1x (standard)
Note: Eye Cams are built to customer specifications. Please contact our sales and engineering team at 208-403-0392 (ask for Susan Hooker or David Henry).
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